Gf Piping Systems 3-2822-2K-025, 159070072 Conductivity Electrode

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GF Piping Systems, 3-2822-2K-025, 159070072 Conductivity/Resistivity Electrode, Hastelloy-C, 3/4" NPT PVDF, 7.6 m Cable Signet 2822 Conductivity Sensors are designed to provide versatile installation and accurate sensing across a broad dynamic range

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A platinum RTD PT1000 located within the electrode provides accurate temperature sensing

Features with all optional accessories Standard process connections Flow-through design Application Semiconductor Water Production Boiler Condensate Deionization Reverse Osmosis Rinse Water Monitoring and Control Salinity Pure Water Treatment USP Purified Water and WFI Water Production TDS Total Dissolved Solids Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrations Distillation

These sensors are built with a controlled surface finish to ensure accuracy and repeatability